The Oregon Divorce Blog recently published a good post about what NOT to do during divorce. It points out that many pitfalls and traps await parties who are unfamiliar with the process noting that people often make bad decisions under stress, or without the guidance of an experienced lawyer and fail to educate themselves.

I agree, that by avoiding the following 10 pitfalls, you may get a better result. During your divorce, you should NOT:

1. Lie to your lawyer.

2. Lie to the court.

3. Involve the kids in the process.

4. Hide or fail to produce documents.

5. Refuse to cooperate with a court appointed expert.

6. Settle without analyzing your case.

7. Fail to try to resolve the case outside of court.

8. Take out your stress in unhealthy ways.

9. Be economically irrational in negotiations.

10. Be your own lawyer if your case is contested and your spouse is represented.

To read an explanation as to why you should avoid these pitfalls, click on the above-link.