High Court Rules in Favor of Frustrating Free Speech

About a year ago, I reported on the Westboro Baptist Church and their protest of a Drake University forum on campus.  If you'll recall, Westboro is the outfit that protests at military funerals claiming that military deaths are God's response to the US Government sanctioning homosexuality.  At the time of my first entry, the U.S. [...]

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US Supreme Court: Are Video Games Obscene?

On November 2, 2010, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case Schwarzenegger v. Entertainment Merchants.  The case tests the constitutionality of a California law that bans the sale or rental of violent video games to minors.  The Court's ruling in this area will likely have a drastic impact on the status of First Amendment law. Supporters [...]

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Frustrating Functionality of the First Amendment

Last weekend, the Drake Law School Constitutional Law Center hosted a symposium on same-sex marriage on campus.  Members of the ever-famous Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas came to the event to protest, displaying incendiary signs and shouting off-color remarks.  See the Des Moines Register piece on the event.  Luckily, the protest (and counter-protest of over 400 Drake [...]

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The Politics of Law School

Today the Des Moines Register reported on a lawsuit filed against the Univeristy of Iowa College of Law.  The Plaintiff is Teresa Wagner, who applied for a writing instructor position with the law school, but was not hired for the job.  Wagner claims that she was not hired due to her conservative political affiliation, since a majority [...]

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