Radon – An Invisible Issue

RADON MITIGATION isn’t usually top of mind when builders plan to build a house or when home sellers put out their “For Sale” sign.  It’s not visible or noticeable to the average person, but it’s real and it’s ubiquitous. Iowa is prone to high levels of radon, an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas that naturally occurs [...]

Landlords: Beware of Dog

The Iowa Court of Appeals recently had before it a sad (sad for the child that was injured and sad for the dog) and somewhat surprising dog-bite case in which they decided that a fact question was created, necessitating further review, when a landlord had knowledge that a dog had a propensity towards violence and yet that landlord allowed the dog to remain on the property. The abbreviated facts [...]

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Good Tenants Make Good Landlords

Four Legacies Mortgage - Chief Inspiration Officer - Brent Rauch recently put together an informative article addressing the phenomenon of accidental landlords  if you review his article pay special attention to the section titled: Tenents of Tenants. It has been my experience that the wrong tenant can make being a landlord a nightmare (side note: [...]

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If You are Going to Acquire a Rental Unit, Don’t Forget the Rental Certificate

Given the current real estate market with its increasing foreclosure rate and ensuing credit crunch, individuals and families are choosing to rent rather than buy.  If you have the financial ability and the interest in owning rental property then this could be an intriguing possibility. However, there is more to owning rental property than simply finding [...]

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“Breaking-up” with your Landlord

If you're like me, you've probably found yourself in a relationship where you feel that it's just not working out like you hoped. Most of us at that point have the dreaded, but necessary, “it's not you, it's me” or “let's be friends” conversation with the other person and try to move on. However, when the other [...]

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