The Federal Family Support Act of 1988 requires each state to maintain uniform child support guidelines and criteria, and review the guidelines and criteria at least once every four years.  In Iowa, the Iowa Supreme Court holds this responsibility.  To facilitate this year’s scheduled review, the Iowa Supreme Court established a committee to (1) analyze information about the number of deviations from the Iowa Guidelines, (2) study current data concerning child-raising costs and other economic measures, and compare Iowa’s guidelines with child-rearing measures and the guidelines of other states, (3) review and consider the findings and recommendations of the Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee, and (4) consider other information deemed necessary or useful for a thorough review of the current Iowa guidelines.  Upon completion of its investigation the committee recommended the adoption of new child support guidelines.  The proposed guidelines place a greater emphasis on apportioning the cost of child rearing between both parents according to their respective incomes.  The proposed guidelines also provide for lower support orders for low-income, non-custodial parents, are more closely aligned with current economic data on child-rearing costs, and provide a better way for parents to share the cost of health insurance.

For more information regarding the current child support guidelines see Iowa Code Sections 598.1(9) and 598.21B ( or contact the Child Support Specialized Customer Service Unit at: 1-888-229-9223 (toll free) or 1-515-242-5530.