Ever wanted to get married but didn’t want to attend the marriage ceremony? Think about moving to Montana where a double proxy wedding is permissible. The New York Times recently posted an article stating that Montana is the only state that allows a double-proxy wedding – that is – allowing a stranger (or acquaintance) stand up for both the bride and groom and enter into a civil marriage contract. Thus, the presence of neither the bride or groom is required.

This is common when both parties are in the military and stationed in different parts of the country. And it takes about all but a minute. The cost to the real bride and groom: $900, $50 apiece to the proxies, $100 to the judge, $150 to the lawyer (and witness); $53 for court fees; $14 for two certified copies of the marriage certificate; and the rest to a Pennsylvania couple who run a business facilitating proxy marriages.

Last year, the Montana State Legislature amended the law to require that one party in a double-proxy marriage be either a Montana resident or a member of the armed forces on active duty; however, the article noted that these Montana marriages are recognized in every state but Iowa.

Now if there could only be divorce by proxy. . . .