New Jersey’s former governor, James McGreevey and his wife Dina Matos McGreevey are in the middle of a divorce. Some of you might recall that Former Gov. McGreevey announced several years ago during his term that he is a “gay American” resulting in the unraveling of his marriage. Although only married since 2000, Matos McGreevey is seeking alimony. The issue in today’s hearing was not whether she is entitled to alimony but whether she is deserving of compensation for losing out on perks of her husband’s job — state police transportation and a 24/7 security detail, a household staff and use of two beach houses — because he resigned 13 months shy of completing his first term.

McGreevey maintains that perks of the governor’s office are not a marital asset.

In Iowa, one’s job perks can be considered as a factor in determining (upward deviation from guideline amont) child support or alimony by looking at the cash value or the savings to the receiving party. Perks I have run across usually include paid cell phone, car allowance, gasoline, and country club memberships – not state security and use of summer rental homes. The McGreevey case is interesting because it involves perks that would have come to fruition if Gov. McGreevey served his entire term; they are not perks he currently receives.

Luckily the couple agreed on the important stuff ahead of time: custody of their 6 year-old daughter; however, the agreement remains sealed.