I was home Tuesday morning waiting for a repairman when I caught the “Today” show on NBC. One of the speakers was a prominent divorce attorney discussing the state of divorce these days, especially given the economy. The other issue was use of electronic evidence during a divorce especially when child custody is an issue.

The conclusion was that the economy has a temporary affect on the divorce rate. Tough economic times tend to make people stick together. Isn’t it always easier to support one household on two incomes rather than two households on two incomes? The divorce rate is likely to emerge from stagnation once the market begins doing better.

As for electronic evidence, the program focused on the Christie Brinkley divorce trial. As you may know, Brinkley’s attorneys are using her husband’s past behavior, which includes visits to pornographic websites, to argue he is an unfit custodian.

While using such evidence is not new, it still often goes unnoticed . . . . or unrecognized by those engaging in such behavior.