It is rumored that Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ estranged wife, will receive close to $100 million in their divorce settlement.  Other celebrity figures have also paid big bucks when their marriages have ended.  For example, Michael Jordan paid his ex-wife, Juanita, an impressive $168 million to end their marriage.  Their dissolution was subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Illinois.  Sir Paul McCartney paid Heather Mills an estimated $48.7 million dollars after only four years of marriage.   Their settlement was dictated by a court in Britain.  In Iowa, absent a premarital agreement to the contrary, the general goal of the court in divorce cases is to make the division of property approximately equal.  Taking this into consideration, could a “celebrity” property settlement happen in Iowa?  Definitely.  As such, if you or your spouse have substantial assets and you do not want the law to dictate who gets what if your marriage ends, you should consider a premarital agreement.  Chapter 595A of the Iowa Code controls premarital agreements in Iowa.  Premarital agreements may include provisions relating to: (a) property rights and obligations of the parties; (b) rights of disposing of, managing and controlling property; (c) disposition of property upon death or divorce; (d) the making of wills, trusts, or other arrangements to carry out the provisions of the agreement; (e) disposition of life insurance death benefits; (f) choice of law; and (g) any other matter not in violation of public policy or criminal statute.