The month of February is typically regarded as one of the more romantic months of the year so when I recently read that it is the most active month for divorces, I was surprised.  The average length of a divorce ranges from eight months to one year.  This would mean that the most common time for filing for divorce, could also be in the month of February.  In a month filled with chocolates, flowers and candy hearts covered in cute phrases, it made me wonder – What is the reason for the decrease in domestic bliss this time of year?  While it doesn’t directly answer my question, the website does offer some insight with its listing of the top ten reasons for divorce in the United States:

1. Communication Breakdown

2. Infidelity

3. Financial Problems

4. Emotional Abuse

5. Physical Abuse

6. Physical Incompatability

7. Loss of Interest

8. Shift in Priorities

9. Failed Expectations

10. Addiction