Debt Collectors Save Us All Money in 2007?

In a national study entitled "Value of Third-Party Debt Collection to the U.S. Economy in 2007:  Survey and Analysis" , which was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and commissioned by ACA International, it was determined that in 2007 the collection industry was able to return $40 billion in bad debt back to large and small businesses that had previously extended [...]

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Good Tenants Make Good Landlords

Four Legacies Mortgage - Chief Inspiration Officer - Brent Rauch recently put together an informative article addressing the phenomenon of accidental landlords  if you review his article pay special attention to the section titled: Tenents of Tenants. It has been my experience that the wrong tenant can make being a landlord a nightmare (side note: [...]

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Internet Usage

Julie Elgar of That’s What She Said uses the employees of The Office to illustrate the pervasiveness of internet use in the workplace. Elgar recognizes that unmonitored internet usage can lead to a decline of productivity and even worse harassment among employees. What should employers do? As Elgar says it’s important to develop a monitoring system and inform the employees [...]

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