Iowa Fence Law (Needs) Update

Iowa Law Blog recently featured a post regarding the Iowa fence law found at Iowa Code Chapter 359A.  That post discussed that although the fence law was historically enacted for agricultural purposes, the Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that its applicability extends to "serve the broader public good by mediating boundary, fence and trespass disputes."  Gravert v. Nebergall, 539 N.W.2d [...]

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Slow Pitch Softball at the Iowa Supreme Court

The Iowa Supreme Court released an opinion today in Feld v. Borkowski.  The case centers around a slow-pitch softball practice, where the players were taking batting practice.  The batter, Borkowski, was a right handed hitter.  On this particular pitch, Borkowski swung too early, fouling the ball high and foul over the left field line.  However, during [...]

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