Telecommuting as a Reasonable Accommodation

The 6th Circuit’s telecommuting decision in EEOC v. Ford Motor Co. has been creating a buzz in the employment law community.  Since the concept of telecommuting as a reasonable accommodation is not necessarily innovative, the buzz must be coming from the way in which the court appeared to bend over backwards to declare that telecommuting [...]

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Conducting an Investigation

An employee just made a complaint of harassment or discrimination. You know you have a duty, as the employer, to investigate the employee’s complaint, but aren’t entirely sure how to conduct the investigation. Here are a few tips: 1. Understand the complaint. Take time to listen to the employee’s complaint. Understand what the employee is [...]

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What is a Hostile Work Environment?

The term "hostile work environment" gets used frequently by employers and employees. It's used in a so many contexts that it seems to have lost true meaning. Hostile work environment allegations range from employees being micro-managed to employees being ridiculed because of their sexual orientation. So what does hostile work environment mean and when is an employer liable [...]

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Is the Employee Handbook Archaic

I was told last week by someone in human resources that having an employee handbook is archaic and unnecessary in today's world. The statement caused me to pause. I have been advising employers of all sizes to adopt employee handbooks to fit their company. So I stopped to think--is an employee handbook archaic? Are there certain employers that [...]

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Proposed Amendments to Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act

On March 8, 2011 the Iowa Senate passed S.F. 311, which amends Iowa Code Chapter 91A, Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act. Below is a list of important changes: ·         Employers will be required to do the following o   Notify employees in writing at the time of hiring wages and regular paydays o   Notify employees in writing [...]

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