Children Coping With Divorce

I recently ran across a good blog site titled "Updates in Michigan Family Law" authored by Jeane M. Hannah, a Michigan family law practitioner. In her article she refers to a new tool to help children cope with high-conflict divorce called Earthquake in Zipland. This is an interactive video game developed by a social worker. [...]

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Is Divorce a Cure?

A lousy marriage might literally make you sick. The Family Law Prof Blog recently posted an article on this topic. The article reports that marital strife and other bad personal relationships can raise your risk for heart disease, researchers reported Monday. Stress, a well-known contributor to health problems, appears to be the culprit. The study, [...]

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Alimony under Iowa Law

During divorce proceedings about half my clients ask whether they or their spouse is entitled to alimony. The answer is always "it depends." After the equitable distribution of the marital estate the court will look at the whole spectrum of property available to both spouses—the marital property divided as well as the non-marital property under [...]

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