With both interest rates and home inventory starting the year at lows we haven’t seen in a long time, this may be the best opportunity for you to sell your home for the most profit. Most people hire a Realtor to help them through the buying/selling process, and if you can afford it, I highly recommend doing so. A Realtor can list your property on the Mutlple Listing Service (MLS), can help you price it and market it appropriately, and can draw in many more potential buyers than you could probably do on your own. With that said, if you can’t afford to hire a Realtor or just want to try selling it on your own first, there are many ways to do so, but you may want to enlist the help of an attorney.

An attorney can help answer your questions about selling real estate For Sale By Owner (FSBO), can draw up the paperwork needed to strike a deal with a potential buyer, and can guide you through the closing process, usually for a set fee that is much less than a Realtor would charge you. Some people may try to use online forms to complete the sale, but those forms may not be specific to Iowa and may not contain all of the protections you should have as the seller. There are also seller disclosure requirements that you need to comply with, so enlisting the help of a real estate lawyer can help make the sale process smooth and easy.
If you would like more information on FSBO transactions, feel free to contact myself or the other real estate attorneys in the firm.