Iowa Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

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When to Consider Mediation
Today, informed people are choosing mediation to resolve disputes instead of taking their disagreements to court.

Mediation can often be used to find a mutually acceptable solution in disputes about:

  • Personal injury and other damage claims
  • Employment and workplace issues
  • Environmental claims
  • Business Issues
  • Contracts

Role of the Mediator
A mediator can help people find ways to settle disputes on their own terms. Unlike an arbitrator, the mediator does not decide who is right or wrong. Rather, the mediator enables people to retain their decision-making power and use their creativity to find an acceptable solution for all parties.

Successfully mediated settlements commonly result in:

  • A cost-effective, speedy resolution
  • Reduced levels of stress and animosity among parties
  • Enhanced respect between the disagreeing parties
  • A sense of cooperation between parties
  • A feeling that the settlement is fair, reasonable, and cost-effective.

Certified Mediators & Attorneys

Michael J. Streit

Michael J. Streit