Finding an Attorney

Many people come to a point in their life where they need professional legal advice and finding someone to talk to can be a very scary and confusing process.  The first step in looking for an attorney is locating someone who practices in the area you need representation. A good place to start is talking [...]

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Google Made Easy!

At Sullivan and Ward, P.C., we continually seek ways to streamline our resources and tune-up our skills to provide quality representation to our clients in the most efficient and effective manner.  As a paralegal for the firm, I am always seeking information to utilize our computer software and other on-line tools more efficiently.  I often [...]

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What do Paralegals do Anyway?

As a Paralegal, I’m often asked what paralegals do.  A Paralegal or Legal Assistant (the terms are used interchangeably) is a paraprofessional whose duties are not really understood by the general public.  For this reason, I think it’s worthwhile to explain not only what a paralegal does, but how we are utilized at Sullivan & [...]

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Attorney General: “Share the Road”

On January 17, 2013, the Iowa Attorney General issued an opinion regarding bicycle side path rules, specifically the newly-passed ordinance in the City of Grimes, Iowa. A side path rule is one that prohibits the use of bicycles within the road right-of-way when an adjacent trail is available. The Attorney General noted that the Iowa Code at [...]

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Iowa Supreme Court on Defamation

In a lengthy opinion released today, the Iowa Supreme Court tackled the intricate legal issue of defamation in Iowa.  In Gail Bierman and Beth Weier vs. Scott Weier and Author Solutions, Inc., the Court analyzed the history of Iowa and Federal defamation law.  Generally, the tort of defamation requires publication (spoken is slander, printed is libel) of a defamatory statement which was false and malicious, made of and concerning the [...]

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Where Your Yard Ends & Your Neighbor’s Begins

When neighbors have disputes about property lines, it is often unclear where one property ends and the other begins, especially when property owners have held the property for a long period of time.  In the event of a dispute, Iowa Code section 650 provides a procedure for resolution.  Under section 650, an interested party files a special [...]

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Is a Nut Allergy a Disability?

In a ruling issued today, the Iowa Court of Appeals ("Court") sent a case back to the District Court for determination on whether a tree nut allergy fits the description of a "disability" under the Iowa Civil Rights Act.  The Court examined the similarities between the Iowa and Federal Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA").  The Court reasoned [...]

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Can they do that? An Intro to Inverse Condemnation

As property owners, sometimes we are faced with situations where the government (state, county, municipal, etc.) does something that permanently affects the way we enjoy our property. If the property owner is not compensated for this, the legal method through which the property owner can receive compensation is called "inverse condemnation." See Kingsway Cathedral v. Iowa [...]

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The Skill of Knowing When to Fold Them

A Federal District Court Judge in Brooklyn ruled that poker is a game of skill, rather than a game of chance.  At issue was whether game operators should be prosecuted under the federal law that prohibits running an illegal gambling business.  Judge Jack Weinstein noted in his ruling that the "most professional poker players earn [...]

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Service Via Facebook?

In an order issued this month, a federal judge refused a request by Chase Bank to serve legal papers on an alleged identity thief via facebook. The case at issue involves a daughter who allegedly used her mother's identity to obtain a credit card from Chase and subsequently ran up charges of $1,243. To date, Chase has [...]

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