A Valentine’s Day Divorce

The month of February is typically regarded as one of the more romantic months of the year so when I recently read that it is the most active month for divorces, I was surprised.  The average length of a divorce ranges from eight months to one year.  This would mean that the most common time for filing [...]

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Is facebook contact?

An Iowa City man was arrested earlier this month for allegedly violating a temporary protective order when he commented on old photos of him and the protected party on facebook. The temporary protective order had been entered following an ex parte hearing in which the protected party presented her explanation of the nature of the abuse [...]

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Paternity Fraud?

The Supreme Court of Iowa issued an interesting opinion last week regarding a putative fathers' ability to bring a paternity fraud action against a biological mother to obtain reimbursement for payments that were voluntarily made. The case before the Court involved two parties who were never married - Joseph O. Dier and Cassandra Jo Peters. Ms. Peters [...]

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Divorced Parents and Post Secondary Education Subsidies

The Iowa Supreme Court issued an interesting opinion on Friday, April 27, 2012 regarding divorced parents' responsibilities for post-secondary education subsidies under Iowa Code Section 598.21F (2011). The case presented required the Court to determine whether good cause exists for ordering a parent to pay a postsecondary education subsidy and, if so, in what amount? The Court [...]

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Super-sized Child Support in Iowa

This past summer, supermodel Linda Evangelista requested $46,000/month in child support from Francois Henri Pinault, CEO of the Paris-based conglomerate that owns Gucci, Yves St. Laurent and Bottega Veneta.  He is the father of her four year old son and has allegedly not paid any money in child support since the child's birth.  Ms. Evangelista's [...]

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What is the Collaborative Divorce Process?

The collaborative divorce process is a relatively new form of conflict resolution. In the collaborative divorce process, each person retains his or her own collaborative lawyer to advise them in negotiating a settlement of all issues. This takes place before either party file for divorce. The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to obtain a settlement of [...]

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Surrogacy in Iowa

Surrogacy is an alternative form of reproduction where a woman agrees to bear a child for a man, woman or couple incapable of having a child of their own. These days, surrogacy is viewed as a relatively commonplace arrangement; however, the legal, ethical, and emotional complexities of this form of reproduction cannot be understated. In fact, some [...]

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What is a Custody Evaluation?

As a family law attorney, I often have clients ask about custody evaluations. A custody evaluation is a written report by a neutral professional that makes a recommendation to the Court as to what custody/visitation arrangement would be in the best interests of the children involved. Custody evaluations are most often utilized in highly contested custody disputes. In [...]

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The “Oscar Curse”

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are quickly approaching. On February 27, 2011, Annette Benning, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Portman or Michelle Williams will take home the Oscar for Best Actress. Whoever wins may have a reason to be concerned according to researchers at the University of Toronto. According to a recent study conducted there, winners of the [...]

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The “Accidental” Marriage?: The Truth About Common Law Marriage in Iowa

You may recall the scene in the movie Legally Blonde where first-year law student Elle Woods joins Paulette, her cosmetologist friend, on a trip to Paulette's jerk of a former live-in boyfriend's home. At the trailer park, Elle saves the day spouting confusing (and humorously incorrect) legal jargon about common law marriage, cohabitation, and the "benefits [...]

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